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The Evolution of ETCS

Wednesday 7th December 2022, Virtual Roundtable, Online Event

Evolution of The European Train Control System (ETCS): Experiences in Moving from Test Tracks to Commercial Projects

Where Is ETCS Heading and What are the Precondition Conditions to Enhance Capacity by Implementing ETCS?

ETCS is a Game-Changer for cross borderless operations, enabling the railway market to be more competitive economically. It has however disrupted the monopoly and the business model of manufacturers and suppliers. How can the industry work together to deliver critical communication components for the future of the railways?

Learning Highlights 


Evolution of the European Train Control System (ETCS): experiences in moving from test tracks to commercial projects.


How are European Operators implementing ETCS baseline three to facilitate cross borderless operations?


Does ETCS help operators increase capacity and if so what are the pre-conditions to enhance capacity by implementing ETCS systems?


Reducing the cost of ETCS systems to increase the value of retrofitting these systems on existing trains.


Update on technologies development and standardisation of the European Train Control System (ETCS) and the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)


How are operators overcoming innovation challenges in integrating ETCS with existing heritage signalling systems? 


How is ETCS leading the way towards automatic train operation?

Speakers (Coming Soon)

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I like the fact that operators from all over the world join Metis events to share their experience"

System Engineer, Engineering Company

Good overview of what's going on in rail maintenance. Principles as well as concrete examples. Seasoned speakers and organisers."

Project Manager, Dutch Operator

It has been a pleasure for me to attend the RIAMS presentations, in particular those on the approaches to turn data into real value."

Middle Management, Spanish Transport Authority

I really enjoyed the practical case studies. And the ability to revisit the presentations on-demand is really handy."

Head of Digital Offerings,  Global Technology Supplier

The content of the presentations and quality of speakers is always excellent."

Program Manager, UK Operator

The engineering presentations are always the most informative."

Senior Manager, Japanese Railway Operator

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