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Implementing Digital Signalling to Increase Capacity and Drive Down Cost in Rail

Thursday 1 December 2022, Virtual Roundtable, Online Event

Evolution of ERTMS, Integrating ERTMS Implementations with New ATO, Satellite and FRCMS Technologies

“It is a big question. But I mean, there's, there's two ways of approaching this in a fundamental way, I mean, you can either upgrade if you want to increase the capacity, you can either upgrade the track or you can electrify it. Maybe the other way of doing it is re signaling with ERTMS. I mean, that's meant to be a game changer. It's meant to be, you know, for instance, that, that if you introduce the ERTMS, there's no signal poles so you reduce the number of installations along the track”

Senior Consultant Research & Innovation, Norwegian Infrastructure Owner


Learning Highlights 


How are international infrastructure owners implementing digital signaling to increase traffic capacity on existing infrastructure without needing to build new infrastructure, 


Different approaches to increase capacity on rail networks based on the size of the network and frequency of operations


Overcoming challenges in configurating signaling Systems and simplifying the approval process to reduce time and cost in signaling projects


Understand the state-of-the-art strategies being considered in current and future digital signaling implementations


Creating a new system to permit the communication between trackside and on-board for GSMT, 4g networks and satellite communication networks as the future standard for ERTMS implementations


Defining a common roadmap to certify and insert new innovations like ERTMS, ATO, Satellites, the transformation from prototype to the product

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