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Optimising Procurement, Circularity, Maintenance, Energy Consumption & Increasing Asset Life Cycles to Drive Sustainability Growth in Rail


26th -27th September 2023,  London 

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Implementing New Tools & Technologies to Increase Data Transparency in Rail Supply Chains to Reduce CO2 & Meet Net Zero Targets  

Metis Conferences introduces RNS360, a business-driven cross industry platform designed to incentivise greater collaboration between key regulatory and governmental stakeholders, industry leaders from Operators, ROSCO's, Infrastructure Owners, Undertakers and the wider supply chain to drive short term benefits from green investments in rail to meet net zero targets across the industry.

As the only conference dedicated to the implementation of sustainability goals and emerging technologies for the rail industry, this year's Rail Net Zero 360 Summit will highlight the importance of developing an integrated approach to implementing new standards, systems architecture and technologies to improve asset life cycle costing and deliver reductions in embedded carbon, energy consumption and cost in general operations, new building projects, civil works and maintenance activities.

Learn first hand from a world class line up of sustainability and environmental experts on how leading European train operators and infrastructure owners are working with suppliers to estimate scope three emission in supply chains, improving data transparency, integrating circular economy processes to improve recyclability and material reuse, introducing innovations to reduce energy consumption in operations and maintenance, optimising maintenance processes to drive asset management growth, reduce cost and extends the life cycles of all assets.

You will gain first-hand insights about the way forward, including practical examples on: 

Realising Scope 3 Targets

Implementing Strategies for Cooperation, Balancing the Trade-Off Between Sustainability, Cost & Delivery Timescales 

Improving Data Transparency 

Delivering Visualisation and Transparency in Scope 3 Data, Setting New Standards to Measure the Inflow & Out Flow of Materials in Rail

Optimising Design to Increase Asset Life Cycles

Improving design & construction processes to increase asset life cycles in new projects

Optimizing Asset Management Systems

 Forecasting the ecological & social cost of embedded carbon in rail assets to improve life cycle costings

Reducing Energy Consumption

Decreasing consumption in all aspects of railway operations and maintenance to drive efficiencies and prolong the service life of all assets 

Implementing New Standards to Drive Sustainability Growth

Building a common framework around standards for moving data, tooling, material or component labelling 

Adopting a circular business model

Understand how emerging technologies like digital twin are enabling a circular economy In Rail

Strategies for Investments in Renewables

Accessing the Benefits & Pay Back to Build a Business Case for Green Investment in Rail

Responsible Social Procurement 

Delivering Visualisation & Transparency in Scope 3 Data, Setting New Standards to Measure the Inflow and Out Flow of Materials in Rail


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RIAMS was an excellent conference that provided a lot of very good presentations. I would like to participate in September as well

Principal Key Expert ,
Siemens Mobility GmbH

Good overview of what's going on in rail maintenance. Principles as well as concrete examples. Seasoned speakers and organisers."

Project Manager, NS

It has been a pleasure for me to attend the RIAMS presentations, in particular those on the approaches to turn data into real value."

Middle Management, ADIF

I really enjoyed the practical case studies. And the ability to revisit the presentations on-demand is really handy."

Head of Digital Offerings, 
Siemens Mobility GmbH

The content of the presentations and quality of speakers is always excellent."

Program Manager, Network Rail

The engineering presentations are always the most informative."

Senior Manager,  MTR

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