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Smart Fleet Maintenance & Procurement 360 Workshop

Integration, Innovation, and Intelligence in Rolling Stock Asset Management

8th-9th October 2024,
SAP Software, Clockhouse Place, Feltham TW14 8HD 


Introducing SFMP 360 Summit Workshops

The Smart Fleet Maintenance & Procurement 360 Summit workshops are designed to provide a focused and practical platform for suppliers and delegates to address and solve common integration challenges in delivering successful digital innovation projects related to maintenance.

For Suppliers:

Participating in these workshops offers an invaluable opportunity to showcase your cutting-edge solutions and share practical knowledge with an engaged audience. Our research indicates that stake holders from train operators are more likely to respond favorably to intimate workshops where they can openly discuss their challenges with experts.Our intimate workshop format allows for in-depth demonstrations and meaningful discussions, ensuring that your expertise and project experiences are highlighted effectively. You will have the chance to:

Engage directly with key decision-makers from train operators.
Demonstrate your solutions in real-world scenarios.
Build lasting relationships and partnerships.


For Delegates:

Attending these workshops will provide you with actionable insights and best practices to overcome integration challenges in digital maintenance projects. You will benefit from:

Learning from hands-on experiences and case studies.
Gaining insights into optimizing digital processes and maintenance strategies.
Networking with industry peers and experts to share knowledge and solutions


Workshop 1, 8th Oct, 2024: Mastering the Art of Delivering Full Scale End to End Digital Implementations in Rail, Using Data to Initiate Change in Maintenance Processes, Reaping the Benefits of Digitalization

We must adapt and change our processes now as we're running the new technology in our old systems and that doesn't work. We have the question of, do we need to change our structures? Do we need to change the skills of our workforce? Because we don't have data engineers everywhere. Do we need them and how do we do that? what we're doing is an end-to-end implementation at one of our Sbahn systems. We're bringing in all the solutions we have all over Germany and we are implementing them in one system and by that we are developing the processes and structures that are needed to make it a new system.”

•    What are the tangible and measurable results of digitization, measuring the success of digital implementations in rail, have operators been able to successfully reduce the cost of ownership through investment in digitalisation?
•    Understanding the challenges in making the leap from the single proof of concepts to the full-scale digital implementation in rolling stock maintenance and operations
•    Best practice aligning internal processes and organizational structures to deliver a successful end to end digital implementation related to maintenance optimisation.

Workshop 2, 8th Oct, 2024: Mastering Maintenance Through Data - A Hands-On Approach, bring your own Data to Share Confidentially and Identify Issues in Data Quality, Find Insights, and Improve Root Cause Analysis

“Well, I think it's certainly true to say that the collaboration to work out how to get the end-to-end benefit, needs to improve? There's a general view that data just can magically work and get the solution to the customer. And if you think it from an agile perspective, you have to gather the data to work through the benefits and understand how that can help end to end. Therefore, you need you need to have the end-to-end view aligned with the operator and the supplier to get success.”

•    With operators quite often requiring products of a bespoke nature how supplier and operators move away from a transactional way of working to a more collaborative way of working to solve the problems
•    As the cost of hardware and collecting data continue are beginning to come down, what are the obstacle preventing operators in investing in data collection to drive more insights for maintenance and operations.  
•    How can operators improve collaboration with academia and SMEs in sharing data and common issues to optimise cost benefit analysis, identify more insights and improve root cause analysis?  
•    The challenge deploying new tools on-board rolling stock, working with the industry to overcome delays in engineering safety approvals and lack of time and resources to deploy new changes.

Workshop 3 8th Oct, 2024: Operator Master Class, Use Case on Replacing a Component to Extend the Lifetime Beyond A 10-Year Period

“I'm bringing new tools to the company and always put into a business case. What is the cost of the ownership? we have a high cost right now but within the lifespan of the solution, we see an improvement and we also see an improvement on the stability and for instance, if it's raising some levels of the customer experiments, making sure that we also take care of the employees and so on. All that is put down in the business case. I have never got a no yet. and it's quite expensive the improvement I'm doing these days but looking into a further 10 year’s use of the train, it's not that much money.”

•    What are the possibilities to increase the life of key components by a 10-year life span to improve the cost of ownership for older fleets?
•    Making the business case to update a component with another, demonstrating improvements to cost of ownership within the lifespan of the solution, improving customer experience, reliability, and safety.
•    Journey to the solution, identifying a problem and working suppliers to develop a product, integrating the solution on-board, challenges encountered and the result, what did you expect vs the real results?

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