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virtual conference on rail logistics cost reduction

Rail Infrastructure 
Asset Management Summit

Live on 9th -10th June 2021

Or Available On-Demand



9:00 AM

PANEL DISCUSSION: Next-Generation ERP Systems for Rail Operations, Enhancing Predictive Maintenance Capabilities within Asset Management Systems and Achieving Alignment for Effective Rail Asset Management

• Examining the level of predictive maintenance capabilities offered by current asset management system suppliers, including reinforcement learning, supervised learning, and non-supervised learning?
• Delve into the evolving landscape of enterprise asset management systems, exploring the latest trends and capabilities being integrated into the next generation of platforms.
• Essential questions operators should be asking asset management system suppliers to ensure alignment with their specific needs, including predictive maintenance capabilities and the integration of ai.
• The importance of in-house expertise in understanding and adapting to industry best practices within asset management platforms, enabling operators to fully harness their potential.

Peter Boom, Director Rail Asset Management and Digitisation, Royal HaskoningDHV
Jude Carey, Head of Asset Management, Irish Rail
Claus Klint, Worldwide Industry Sales Leader, Civil Infrastructure, IBM
Tim Flower, UK Account Director, KONUX UK Ltd

9:45 AM

Optimising Predictive Maintenance Through Data, AI, And Machine Learning, Real World Examples Within Rail Projects of Using Big Data to Improve the Accuracy of Models Used to Predict Asset Failures

• How is the rail industry working to enhance collaboration and share efforts to leverage data, ai, and machine learning to enhance the accuracy of predictive models aimed at forecasting asset failures.
• Comparative analysis, sharing case studies from different railways, revealing how various operators approach predictive maintenance using these technologies and the varying levels of accuracy achieved.
• Exploring the role of emerging talents in driving breakthroughs within railway organisations, where skilled individuals combine data science and domain knowledge to develop innovative solutions.

Claire Nicodeme, Engineer & Research Project Manager, SNCF

10:15 AM

Sustainable Decision Making with Lifecycle Management

• How we can reduce costs through differentiation on lines.
• The relationship between reliability, availability, safety, health and environment.
• How we include these factors in our decision-making process.
• How we make sustainable decisions

Martijn van Noort, Maintenance Management Expert, Life Cycle Management, ProRail

10:30 AM


30 minutes networking break and refreshments in the main networking and exhibition space of the summit.

11:00 AM

Transforming Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring with High-frequency Multimodal Data Capture and Advanced AI Solutions

This session will focus on how Cordel are using AI to bring together multiple sources of monitoring and Infrastructure data into its Rail Data Platform (RDP) to derive true insights into the condition and associated maintenance of infrastructure assets. Using 'real' AI, we believe we can deliver a fundamental change to the approach to maintenance without having to reinvent the wheel and rip and replace existing systems.

Nick Smit, VP Europe & Middle East, Cordel Group PLC

11:30 AM

Navigating Rail Asset Management Complexity: How Are Rail Organisations Measuring Their Asset Management Maturity to Ensure Profitable Operations, Benchmarking for Continuous Improvement in Rail

• Asset management maturity assessment, going beyond existing frameworks and metrics, measuring asset management maturity to ensure profitable and sustainable rail operations.
• The correlation between asset management maturity and sustainability, understanding the critical role of mature asset management practices in achieving sustainability goals and aligning with global standards.
• Exploring the challenges of fragmented asset management practices within the rail industry, creating a holistic evaluation framework that aligns organizational processes and practices with industry benchmarks.

Kristijan Apostolski, EMEA Reliability and Asset Management Manager, JLL Work Dynamics
Matteo Coltellacci, Civil structural Engineer, Asset Management, RFI

12:10 PM

Remote Monitoring of Railways Assets for Project Scheduling

Marco Corradini, Railway Manager Expert, SBB CFF FFS

12:35 PM

Global Centre of Rail Excellence: From the Physical to the Digital and Back Again

• Provide an overview of the plan for GCRE
• Technical capability GCRE will provide
• GCREs approach to digital twins
• Outline our digital monitoring plans

Rob Forde, Director of Strategy and Skills, GCRE

1:00 PM


1 hour networking break including lunch and refreshments in the main networking and exhibition space of the summit.

2:00 PM

Unlocking a 40-Year Investment Opportunity: Navigating Asset Condition, Demand Dynamics and Precise Estimations

How existing data and information was bought together to create a baseline wear rate.
How cost of renewals and future demand was integrated
How the model supported stakeholder engagement around the intervention options and access constraints
How the data-based modelling supported both HS1 and NR(HS) to evidence best practice and value

Joanne Parkes, Head of Asset Management, HS1
James Carey, Principal Consultant, PA Consulting
Mat Ripin, Head of High Speed Track Engineering (Former), Network Rail High Speed
Ben Gough, Senior Principal Civil Engineer, Mott Macdonald

2:30 PM

Wayside Train Monitoring, Optimising Asset Management and Safety to Avoid Damaged Assets including Trains and Infrastructure

Together with NS we have made a road map for the development, testing and implementation of different monitoring tools. One of the examples is pantograph monitoring with Image Recognition and the roll out of intelligent video gates.

Paul Kootwijk, Data Lab Program Manager, ProRail

3:00 PM

Wayside Monitoring and Sensors, The Possibility for Interaction Between Infrastructure and Vehicle’s

Jan Bergstrand, Senior Strategic Analyst, Trafikverket
Mats Åkerfeldt, Nationell Planering, Trafikverket

3:45 PM

Closing Remarks & End Of Summit

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