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Rolling Stock Procurement Conference Mai

Rolling Stock Procurement & New Train Introduction

Live on 10th February 2021


Designed to help Directors of Rail Procurement & Heads of Rolling Stock modernise their fleets cost-effectively and exceed passenger expectations, this first of its kind global online conference will bring together key management and technical experts from train operating companies, manufacturers and infrastructure providers.


Organisational Competency & Optimise Vendor Relationships


OEM Manufacturing Processes & Improve New train Introduction


Specification & Reduce Costly Design Errors


Value for the Whole Life-cycle of your Trains

Event Sponsors

Event Highlights


Building A Strong Project Team & Translating Operators Business Objectives Into A Successful Procurement Strategy


Aligning The Actual Cost Of The Trains With The Long Term Maintenance Cost - How Much Will It Cost To Operate Your New Trains For 40 Years?


Going Beyond Technical Specifications: How To Communicate Effectively With Your Train Manufacturer To Reduce Risk & Costly Design Errors.


Enhancing Collaboration Between Rail & Infrastructure Operators, Train OEMs & Third Party Equipment Manufacturers


Accelerating Decarbonisation, Reducing Power Consumption For A Greener More Cost Effective Railway


Effective Approaches For Train Operators To Streamline The Commissioning, Homologation, and Acceptance Testing For Rolling Stock To Deliver Compliant Solutions and Reduce Costs


Who attended

  • Heads of Rolling Stock Procurement

  • Directors of Rolling Stock Programmes

  • Franchise Directors

  • Senior Project Managers - New Trains

  • Heads of Engineering

  • Finance & Commercial Directors

  • Heads of Operations

  • Directors of Testing & Acceptance

  • Heads of System Compatibility

  • Rolling Stock Maintenance Directors

  • Driver Training Project Managers

  • Directors of Sustainability

  • Designer Specification Project Managers

  • Fleet Directors


  • Rolling Stock Companies (ROSCOs)

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

  • Train Operating Companies (TOCs)

  • 3rd Party Equipment Manufacturers

  • Infrastructure Operators

  • Consulting Companies 

  • Design Companies

  • Engineering Companies

Rail Operator Perspectives

“Force majeure events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, also have a big impact on risk appetite and manufacturers’ ability to provide sensible programmes, risk management plans, resourcing plans, etc.”

Engineering Director, Commuter Rail Operator

“The thing that really worries me is - have we got enough drivers in the systems to allow the test trains to be run and the new trains to be introduced into service?”

Metro Services Director, UK Metro Operator

“A modern train is effectively a mobile data centre, communicating with the lineside equipment, the depot, the operational control centre, train crew, and passengers. These information flows offer hackers several potential points of entry, all of which need to be carefully managed to mitigate the security threat.”

Engineering Director, Intercity Rail Operator

“Change to business is bigger than just the new fleet and depot – organisational change is key to successful realisation of the programme."

Metro Development Director, UK Metro Operator

“The margin for the operators is very small so maintenance is a key issue - from day one you know how much it will cost to buy a train but you have to guess how much it will cost to maintain it. One of the key points of the specification is how will we operate this train and what will be the maintenance cost.”

Metro Development Director, UK Metro Operator

“This is a major part of the program and is often one of the biggest delaying factors in train delivery.”

Engineering Director, Intercity Rail Operator

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