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Metis Conferences Delegate Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply between the entities that book an even/conference (person, firm, company or other - as specified on your booking form) and Metis Conferences Ltd. (“Metis Conferences”), the owner and organiser of the event/conference (“the Event”), for all delegate registrations for the Event specified on your booking form. By submitting your registration you agree to be bound by these terms; please read them carefully as they contain important information.

Fees and Payment Terms

You will pay Metis Conferences the fees specified at the time of booking for the Event. Payment of your fees must be received in full by Metis Conferences no later than 48 hours before the Event. If payment of your fees is not received before the Event, Metis Conferences may (at its sole discretion) require such payment as a condition of your access to the Event (whether physical or virtual). 

Prices for each Event are correct at the time of publication. Metis Conferences reserves the right to change the prices at any time but changes will not affect registrations which have already been confirmed. All discounts can only be applied at the time of registration and they cannot be combined.

Registration Confirmation

The registration (whether it is submitted directly by you or on your behalf) is an offer to attend a Metis Conferences Event which is subject to acceptance in writing (which may include, without limitation, an email confirmation). A binding contract between Metis Conferences and you will be formed when written confirmation of acceptance is sent to you using the contact details you provided at the time of registration. You should contact Metis Conferences if you have not received Confirmation within 5 days of your registration. 

Cancellation by You

You may cancel your registration in accordance with this condition.  You will receive a refund of your fees paid to Metis Conferences (if any) if you cancel your registration within 14 days of booking and up to 14 days before the Event. The full amount of your fee will remain payable in the event that your cancellation is 14 days or less before the Event or if you fail to attend the Event. 

You acknowledge that the refund of your fees in accordance with this condition is your sole remedy in respect of any cancellation of your registration and all other liability is expressly excluded. If a cancellation changes the entitlement to a multi-registration discount, the lowest value registration will be cancelled first. Substitutions with employees from your organisation are welcome at any time but in all other respects delegate registrations are issued for your personal use only and cannot be shared with any person during the Event. You may not purchase registrations as agent for any third party, sell or otherwise transfer your registration to others, or exploit the registration commercially or non-commercially in any way.

Change to or Cancellation of the Event by Metis Conferences

Metis Conferences may (at its sole discretion) change the format (including, without limitation, from a physical in-person Event to a virtual Event and vice versa), speakers, participants, content, venue location and programme or any other aspect of the Event at any time and for any reason, whether or not due to a Force Majeure Event, in each case without liability.

Metis Conferences may (at its sole discretion) change the date or cancel an Event at any time and for any reason. Where Metis Conferences changes the date or cancels an Event (for any reason except a Force Majeure Event) Metis Conferences will transfer your registration to a rearranged Event. If Metis Conferences does not rearrange the Event or you notify Metis Conferences in writing that you do not wish to attend the rearranged Event then you will (as your sole remedy) be entitled to receive either a credit note or a refund in respect of your fees received by Metis Conferences. 

Where a Force Majeure Event has or may have an adverse impact on the ability to hold the Event in the planned format or on the planned date (in Metis Conferences’ sole discretion) then Metis Conferences shall be entitled to either provide an alternative format, facility or venue for the Event, and/or reschedule the Event. Any of your fees received by Metis Conferences shall be applied to any rearranged or rescheduled Event and you shall not be entitled to object to such Event or have any right to claim any compensation. If Metis Conferences is unable to, or elects not to rearrange or reschedule the Event, then you will (as your sole remedy) be entitled to receive either a refund or a credit note in respect of your fees received by Metis Conferences. These terms and conditions shall equally apply in respect of any rearranged or rescheduled Event organised by Metis Conferences. 

For the purpose of these terms and conditions, "Force Majeure Event" means any event or circumstance arising that is beyond the reasonable control of Metis Conferences (including but not limited to governmental laws, ordinances, regulations, requisitions, restrictions, guidelines, recommendations or action, imposition of sanctions, embargo, military action, acts or threats of terrorism or war, mob, civil commotion or riot, health scares (including without limitation, epidemic and pandemic (e.g., COVID-19), whether or not new, ongoing or recurring), fire, acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake, severe weather, disaster, disruption to transportation, third party contractor/supplier failure, venue damage or cancellation, industrial dispute, strikes, labour disputes, interruption/failure of utility service, lack of commodities or supplies, accidents, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination, speaker or participant cancellation or withdrawal, or any other comparable calamity or casualty).

To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, Metis Conferences shall not be liable to you for any loss, delay, damage or other liability incurred resulting from or arising in connection with the cancellation or date, venue or format change of the Event. You acknowledge and agree that the provisions of set out above are your sole remedy should the Event be changed, postponed or cancelled and all other liability is expressly excluded.

Access to and Use of an online Event Platform

This clause shall only apply where the whole or any part of the Event is provided in a virtual format. You agree to comply with any website terms of use and/or acceptable use policies indicated on any website on which the Event Platform is hosted. You also agree to be responsible for any technical requirements needed to enable you to access the Event website, app or other platform made available by Metis Conferences to facilitate participation in the Event (the "Event Platform").

You may use the Event Platform solely for access to the Event. Metis Conferences are under no obligation to oversee, monitor or moderate any interactive service we provide on the Event Platform and, without limitation, we expressly exclude all liability for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever arising from the use of any interactive service by any user, whether the service is moderated or not.

Any posts, messages or other materials, information or data you supply or upload to the Event Platform will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and we have the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose it to third parties for any purpose. We reserve the right to edit or remove postings to any message boards on the Event Platform and delete or use electronic methods to block or filter any content, at our discretion, but we do not have any obligation to do so.

We do not endorse or accept any responsibility for the content that may be identified or described on the Event Platform and we shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with use of, or reliance on, any content available on or through the Event Platform or any website or other resource referenced therein. We do not guarantee that the Event Platform will operate continuously, securely or without errors or interruption, and we do not accept any liability for its temporary unavailability. We do not guarantee that the Event Platform and/or any content will be free from viruses, infections, and/or any other code that has contaminating properties.

Data Privacy

The personal information which you provide to us will be held by us on a database. There may be certain areas of the Event where your attendance is conditional on your personal information being provided to third parties which have sponsored such areas. The use that any third parties make of your personal information is outside of Metis Conferences’ control and we do not accept any liability in this regard. 

Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, Metis Conferences excludes: (i) all liability for loss, injury or damage to persons or property at the Event; (ii) all indemnities, warranties, representations (whether express or implied); and (iii) any actual or alleged indirect loss or consequential loss, any loss of profits, anticipated profits, savings, loss of business revenue, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, or any other type of economic loss, suffered by you howsoever arising. If Metis Conferences is liable to you for any reason, the total liability to you in relation to the Event (whether under these terms or conditions or otherwise) is limited to the amount of your fees received by Metis Conferences.

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