Metis Conferences

Wisdom, prudence and innovation.

In Greek mythology, Metis is the goddess of wisdom, prudence and deep thought. Her ethos reflects ours.

We believe in delivering high-quality experiences underpinned by our intelligence-led approach to research: working closely with top industry players to design business events that provide commercial insights, enhanced learning and optimised digital networking opportunities.


We approach every topic with the aim of delivering high quality content, which uncovers your immediate business needs and is packed with commercial drivers.

Meet our Team

METIS Conferences was founded by a team of industry experts with a passion for event planning.  We design and produce creative and unforgettable virtual events, ensuring that every detail is flawlessly planned and executed from start to finish.

Victor Kinlock

Event Director

Victor has led event production on a series of world class industry events for close to a decade.


He is passionate about delivering high-quality experiences underpinned by an intelligence-led approach to research.


Working closely with top industry players, Victor's ambition is to design business events that contribute to the pace of development of the industries he represents.

Victor Kinlock Event Director Metis Busi