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METIS RAIL Webinar Series

Rolling Stock, Cyber Security & Infrastructure Asset Management Webinar Series - Virtual Roundtables, Online Only


Metis Rail stands unrivaled in the rail industry webinar landscape, offering exclusive access to a vast array of key commercial decision-makers. Our competitive edge is sharply honed by our superior research capabilities, cultivated through daily engagements with rail operators and owners, granting us unparalleled insights into the sector's most critical issues.


This expertise empowers us to meticulously guide our clients in crafting webinars that not only address but lead the conversation on the industry's pressing challenges, especially in digitalisation.


Our events consistently draw in excess of 200 registrants each, guaranteeing that our clients don't just reach their target audience—they captivate and educate them on the transformative advantages of their solutions. This commitment to delivering value, combined with direct access to the industry's elite, makes Metis Rail the definitive choice for those seeking to understand the current needs of the end clients and make a bold impact in the competitive rail market.

Why Choose Metis Conferences?

Delivering Exceptional Quality in Rail Research 

Unrivalled Access: Engage with an exclusive audience of over 200 key commercial decision-makers from across the rail sector. Our webinars are your gateway to the elite of the industry, offering a unique platform to present your products and solutions directly to those who matter most.

Expert Guidance: Leverage our superior research capabilities, developed through daily interactions with rail operators and owners, allowing us to assist you in designing webinars that not only address but set the agenda for the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Market Leadership: This is your chance to not just reach your target audience but to educate and inspire them. Showcase the transformative advantages of your solutions and position your brand as a leader in the crucial area of digitalisation.


Our commitment to delivering value through education and direct access to the industry's decision-makers makes us the definitive platform for those looking to make a bold impact in the competitive rail market.

Don't miss this opportunity to captivate and educate the rail industry about the potential of your solutions. Join the ranks of industry leaders who are already leveraging our webinars to shape the future of rail.



Co-Sponsor, RIAMS 2022 & SMF360 2021


Co-Sponsor, RSP360 & SFM360 2021, Cyber Webinar 2022

Smart Motors

Co-Sponsor, RIAMS 2021

Oakland Group

Co-Sponsor, RIAMS 2021


Co-Sponsor, RIAMS 2021

EKE Electronics

Networking Break Sponsor, RIAMS 2021


Co-Sponsor, RSP360 2021

Railway PRO

Media Partner

Railway Gazette International_WEB

Media Partner, SFM360 2021


Wes Midlands Railway
Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Network Rail
Greater Anglia
east west
Govia Thameslink Railway
Wes Midlands Railway

I like the fact that operators from all over the world join Metis events to share their experience"

System Engineer, Engineering Company

Good overview of what's going on in rail maintenance. Principles as well as concrete examples. Seasoned speakers and organisers."

Project Manager, Dutch Operator

It has been a pleasure for me to attend the RIAMS presentations, in particular those on the approaches to turn data into real value."

Middle Management, Spanish Transport Authority

I really enjoyed the practical case studies. And the ability to revisit the presentations on-demand is really handy."

Head of Digital Offerings,  Global Technology Supplier

The content of the presentations and quality of speakers is always excellent."

Program Manager, UK Operator

The engineering presentations are always the most informative."

Senior Manager, Japanese Railway Operator

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