// identify with email mootrack('identify', 'john@doe.com'); // identify with email and name // commented out as you need to choose one of these calls only //mootrack('identify', 'john@doe.com', 'John Doe');
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Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Rail Infrastructure Asset


Event Series 

RIAMS Summit


Regional Engineer - Track, Network Rail

Formerly the Head of Track Engineering at HS1, Sin Sin is the track lead on the Eastern Region, Network Rail, for maintenance and renewal. She is a recognised technical expert in Railway Track Engineering; with particular focus on Switches and Crossings and Vehicle/Track Interaction.

A Professional Mechanical Engineer with 25 years of experience, she started in academia as a researcher and consulted on structural crashworthiness of vehicles and vehicle dynamics. In the last 12 years at Network Rail, she worked within track renewals, maintenance and HQ functions. She is a member of various technical standards committees (BSI, EN, ISO).

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