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Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit

Smart Fleet Maintenance Summit

Improving the Circular Economy of
Rolling Stock Maintenance


16th & 17th November 2021, London

Virtual Event: Watch Live + Content Available On-Demand for 12 weeks


Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit

Daniel Jaeggi

Head of Business Development


I'm an aeronautical engineer by training and a traveller by heart - I've ended up spending most of my career in transportation and the past 5 years in the rail sector. I'm particular skilled at bridging the technical and commercial gap and love nothing more than bringing new technology to market.

I started off wanting to be a pilot but I soon realised that I enjoyed making things the most - after a degree in Engineering and an apprenticeship at Airbus I ended up specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics. I then spent a number of years doing "hard" engineering: aerodynamics, High Performance Computing, software development, optimization, machine learning, databases, visualization. I've worked in a number of interesting industries and on interesting problems: aero-engines, Formula 1 cars, power-generation, nuclear reactors, bikes, defence.

However, I realised on the way that great technology only generates value if it can be turned into a commercially successful proposition, sold and delivered to customers, and so I naturally veered into the world of Business Development, starting with Product Management functions (e.g. requirements managements) and extending to Sales, Marketing, Partnerships, Business Strategy. I like to think broadly and strategically about the products, services, and solutions I'm engaged with and relish the challenge in bridging the communications gap between technical and commercial functions. I particularly enjoy working with customers to understand and help articulate their requirements, especially in complex/technology-heavy domains, and to then envisage and build valuable and useful propositions for them, all the way from inception to delivery.

I've been involved in the Rail sector now for about 5 years; cyber security has been a long-standing interest, dating back to when I playing around with Linux in the late 90s and latterly working with and being a sysadmin on HPC systems. Coming into Rail from the aerospace and defence world, it was clear to me that there was a significant gap in capabilities and culture surrounding cyber security, and this represented both a risk and an opportunity. I'm delighted to be working directly in this field and making a meaningful difference to the industry. I have had a long-standing concern for the environment and am very passionate about urban mobility and sustainability.

Outside of work, I'm a cyclist and a climber - you'll tend to find me on two-wheels of some description or up on a bit of rock/in the mountains. Nothing beats an adventure in the great outdoors!

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