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Embracing Technological Advancements in AI, Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization to Shape Sustainable and Efficient Rail Asset Management Practices

31st Jan -1st Feb 2024, 20 Water Street, Wood Wharf, E14

The Rail Infrastructure Asset Management Summit (RIAMS) provides a platform for global railway infrastructure owners, undertakers, suppliers, and stakeholders to collaborate on ongoing efforts to leverage technology, data, and analytics for more effective asset management, operational efficiency, and enhanced safety in rail operations.

RIAMS2024 will deliver a global line-up of distinguished speakers from leading rail infrastructure owners, key regulatory, governmental stakeholders and Tier 1 suppliers sharing valuable real-world experiences from across Europe Asia and North America on actionable insights, practical applications, and evidence-based discussions on strategies for balancing asset renewal, refurbishment, and maintenance activities to optimise rail infrastructure asset management.

Gain insights into the latest technological advancements, including AI, machine learning, and mathematical optimization, discover how infrastructure owners are turning data into actionable solutions for traffic planning and dispatching, optimising track capacity, developing a holistic approach to big data, AI, and advanced analytics to cultivate a data-driven mindset in rail and improve asset lifecycle planning while considering the broader impact on system safety and value for money.

Providing Actionable Insights and Evidence-Based Discussions on Digital Strategies Including: 

Digital Strategy and Digitization:

Challenges in restructuring organizations and integrating legacy systems

Elevating Data Quality Mindset:
Cultivating a culture of accurate data input and recognizing its impact on system performance

Condition Monitoring and Analytics:

Optimising decision-making with predictive analytics to reduce cost and extend asset life cycles 

Enhancing Transparency:

Unveiling the importance of data clarity and limitations for algorithmic success

Reliability in Connectivity:

Navigating the crucial role of robust data networks to ensure uninterrupted information flow

Future Enterprise Asset Management Systems:

Emerging trends in asset management systems, focusing on the future capabilities of these systems

Optimising Rail Efficiency with Advanced Dispatching:

Exploring innovative strategies for optimal traffic management and sustainable operations.

Enabling Situational Awareness:

Enhancing sensor deployment for comprehensive network surveillance

Utilising AI, Machine Learning & Digital Twin:

Embracing technological advancements in AI and advanced analytics, to enhance asset management

Featured Speakers 

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RIAMS was an excellent conference that provided a lot of very good presentations. I would like to participate in September as well

Principal Key Expert ,
Siemens Mobility GmbH

It has been a pleasure for me to attend the RIAMS presentations, in particular those on the approaches to turn data into real value."

Middle Management, ADIF

I really enjoyed the practical case studies. And the ability to revisit the presentations on-demand is really handy."

Head of Digital Offerings,
Siemens Mobility GmbH

The content of the presentations and quality of speakers is always excellent."

Program Manager, Network Rail

Good overview of what's going on in rail maintenance. Principles as well as concrete examples. Seasoned speakers and organisers."

Project Manager, ProRail

The engineering presentations are always the most informative."

Senior Manager,  MTR

Featured Companies

DB Netze
Network Rail
RFI Italy
Irish Rail
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