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Metis Rail Cyber Security Webinar

Cyber Security in Legacy Rolling Stock 

Virtual Workshop
Thursday 28th April 2022, 2.00-5.00 pm BST - Aired 



Increased awareness of the importance of rail cyber security, and new regulatory pressures, has led the rail industry to incorporate more comprehensive cyber security requirements in new rolling stock and system tenders. 

Rolling stock procurements historically did not specify explicit cyber security requirements or, if cyber security requirements were in place, they were at a level that would be deemed insufficient today.  The level of security engineering on legacy rolling stock remains weak, and their cyber risks are often still overlooked or misunderstood.


Metis Rail Cyber Security Webinar
Metis Rail Cyber Security Webinar

Marc Silverwood, Digital Trains System Manager,
Northern Rail

GeorgeCopeland Rolling Stock Procurement 2021 Speaker

George Copeland, Management Consultant, Marlborough LLP


Cyber security solutions implemented by Northern Trains, and in action today

We will learn how Northern Trains has implemented cyber security measures, including intrusion detection and security monitoring, to comply with NIS regulations. Marc Silverwood and George Copeland will guide us through the challenges, and learning opportunities, they have faced along their cyber journey.

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