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Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Rail Infrastructure 
Asset Management Summit

Live on 9th -10th June 2021

Or Available On-Demand


Speaker Details

Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Dr. Sandra Hutterli

Head of People & Transformation and member of the IT Management Board, SBB CFF FFS

Sandra Hutterli is passionate in successfully leading digital transformation through human potential. Her approach is strategic, innovative and ambitious with a focus on competences, leadership & collaboration and business impact.

Sandra has 20+ years of experience in leading people oriented transformations of large and complex organizations, like the centralization of 15 training centers for 150 different jobs or currently the transformation of the digitalization in passenger and freight transportation, infrastructure and real estate with 2000 IT professionals and business experts, both at Swiss Railways.
She also has a long-standing leadership and education experience in national and international organizations. As a chairperson, lecturer at different universities and speaker at events she constantly keeps herself at the forefront of trends.
She has a PhD in Change Management & Learning Acquisition, a Global Master of Business Administration from LSE, HEC, NYU, a Master in Human Sciences and one in Education and she is fluent in four languages.

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