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Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Rail Infrastructure 
Asset Management Summit

Live on 9th -10th June 2021

Or Available On-Demand


Speaker Details

Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Pierre-Etienne Gautier

Director of the BIM program and Digital Continuity

Pierre-Etienne Gautier is Director of the BIM program and Digital Continuity at SNCF Réseau, where he leads the deployment of the BIM at SNCF Réseau and the construction of the Digital Twin of the railway infrastructure.

He is also the coordinator of the LinX4Rail and LiNX4Rail-2 projects within Shift2rail EU program, addressing railway system architecture and prefigurating Digital Twin for rail.
Previously Director of Innovation at SYSTRA since July 2012, he has developed and structured innovation at SYSTRA through the incubation of innovative projects (the Factory: 110 workshops and sprints and more than 1800 participants in 3 years, extension in India) , collaborations with startups (Hyperloop One, ...), collaborations with international universities and innovative technological projects.

As Scientific Director at the Research and Innovation Department of SNCF from 2007 to 2011, he had notably developed transversal projects (protection of TGV lines with respect to side winds, 360km / h tests of TGV on operated lines), in acoustics, and on vehicle-infrastructure mechanical interaction (mechanical modeling of ballast, introduction of numerical simulation to gain safety and cost in the approval of railway vehicles).
Pierre-Etienne is also a Professor at Ecole CentraleSupelec (France) since 2000, where he is in charge with courses and Structural dynamics , Acoustics and more recently Digital Twin.

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