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Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Rail Infrastructure Asset


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RIAMS Summit


Head of Seasonal and Weather Resilience, Network Rail

Brian Douglas Haddock is a visiting Professor within the School of Engineering at Newcastle University and visiting Professor at Loughborough University and holds the position of Head of Weather Resilience at Network Rail. He is also Chair of the Rail Industry Group that manages seasonality and the Director of the Rail Industry Ten Year Weather Strategy.

Brian has been Head of Weather Resilience for around two years and started off in the National Weather Team in 2008. Brian has worked within Network Rail Route (Anglia) as a weather specialist and has also worked for train operators, First Capital Connect and Greater Anglia where is was Head of Performance. Brian was also Head of the National Operations Centre (NOC) before being drafted into lead a National Review of Summer.

Brian’s fascination with the railway is inherited from his father who worked as an engineer on the railway for over forty years.

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