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Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Rail Infrastructure Asset


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RIAMS Summit


Expert Advisor Digital, Crossrail International

Malcolm Taylor is a specialist in digitalisation and the creation, implementation and application of Project Information Management (PIM) on major projects. He has over 40 years of experience in programme and project management, design and construction of major transport infrastructure schemes, gained throughout the Caribbean, UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
Malcolm is a leading exponent of the UK’s drive for PIM and Building Information Management (BIM) maturity in client organisations, using digital technologies for better decision-making and management of projects throughout the entire project life cycle. He was a contributor to the UK BIM Task Group and the UK BIM Alliance initiative and has appeared in the media as a transportation specialist, notably on Sky News, BBC News 24 and BBC Radio 4.
Recently, as Head of Technical Information at Crossrail for 10 years, Malcolm was responsible for the development of digital and technical information strategies as well as BIM, computer-aided design, document management, Crossrail’s geographic information system (GIS), cyber security issues, and asset information management. He contributed to and helped manage Crossrail’s award winning Innovate 18 programme, now broadened into a UK-wide infrastructure industry innovation platform called i3P. Prior to this, he was Rail Director at at AECOM UK.

As a Specialist Advisor to Crossrail International, he now provides specialist consultancy advice globally to client organisations developing and delivering complex rail schemes.

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