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Our Past Events

High Speed Train Rolling Stock Procureme

Rail Infrastructure Asset Management Summit

9th & 10th June 2021, Virtual Event 

Digitalisation Strategies to Deliver a Future Optimum Network

Top Industry Experts came together to tackle how to Increase Track Capacity, Improve Safety & Equipment Life Cycles while Reducing Costs in Rail Infrastructure Maintenance & Operations.

Learning Highlights:

  • STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: Building New Organisation Standards & Processes To Maximise Investment In Digital Transformation

  • COST-EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES & MAINTENANCE: New  Technologies That Increase The Frequency Of Measurements For Real Boundary Conditions Of The Railway

  • TELECOMS & BANDWIDTH: Developing A Strategy To Increase Connectivity Trackside For Real Infrastructure Time Operations

  • MANAGING INFRASTRCUTURE DATA: Interpreting & Qualifying Data: Merging Historical Network Data With Current Data Systems To Optimize Decision Making

  • DIGITAL TWIN & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Applying Digital Twin And AI In Infrastructure Projects For Prescriptive Maintenance

  • ASSET MANAGEMENT: Best Practice Implementing Asset Management Systems, Deliver Accurate Work Orders & Digitise Record Keeping

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