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Rail Infrastructure Management

Rail Infrastructure 
Asset Management Summit

Live on 9th -10th June 2021

Or Available On-Demand


Digitalisation Strategies to Deliver a Future Optimum Network

Top Industry Experts came together to tackle 
How to Increase Track Capacity, Improve Safety & Equipment Life Cycles 
While Reducing Costs in Rail Infrastructure Maintenance & Operations


Organisational Competency & Optimise Supplier Relationships


To Apply New Technologies & Improve Safety Standards


Qualifying Data &
Real Time Decision Making


Value Throughout
The Whole Asset Management Life-cycle 


Sponsors & Partners

Learning Highlights


Building New Organisation Standards & Processes To Maximise Investment In Digital Transformation


New  Technologies That Increase The Frequency Of Measurements For Real Boundary Conditions Of The Railway


Developing A Strategy To Increase Connectivity Trackside For Real Infrastructure Time Operations 


Interpreting & Qualifying Data: Merging Historical Network Data With Current Data Systems To Optimize Decision Making


Applying Digital Twin And AI In Infrastructure Projects For Prescriptive Maintenance


Best Practice Implementing Asset Management Systems, Deliver Accurate Work Orders & Digitise Record Keeping

Who attended

  • Heads of Infrastructure

  • Directors of Operations

  • Chief Track Engineers

  • Chief Engineers Signalling

  • Senior S&C Engineers

  • Head of Asset Management

  • Infrastructure Maintenance Directors

  • Senior Manager Intelligent Infrastructure

  • Project Director ERTMS

  • Programme Manager BIM

  • Heads of Innovation

  • Head of Telecoms

  • Asset Data & Analysis Managers

  • Head of Track Geometry


  • Infrastructure Owners

  • Infrastructure Undertakers

  • Rail Regulatory & Standards Organisations

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

  • Train Operating Companies (TOCs)

  • 3rd Party Equipment Manufacturers

  • Telecoms Operators

  • Data Management Software Providers

  • Consulting Companies 

  • Design Companies

  • Engineering Companies

Rail Infrastructure Owner Perspectives

“How do we go from our existing systems to a fully working digital twin within the next 5 years”

Head Of Innovative Track Measurement Systems, German Rail Infrastructure Owner

“Digitalization mean applying the right infrastructure track side to enable digitalization”

Principle Engineer Telecoms, 

UK Rail Infrastructure Owner

“So now we're talking about predictive maintenance which is a step forward compared to condition maintenance, but what we need to do is have smarter people the ground and manage correctly, the safety impact as when we change rules we need to certify that those rules are compliant to our safety requirements

Project Coordinator, Italian Rail Infrastructure Manager

“A shortage of data is not the issue."interpreting the data, learning how to interpret the data to make decisions is the first one and the second one is, you can have all the data in the but if your union or some body else says to you we're not budging from the existing way  of maintaining things, you don't actually get the benefits"

Infrastructure Management Director, UK High Speed Operator

“So, I think localization is for me. especially for the railways is one very important topic and to have a system which is really not too expensive”

Head Of Innovative Track Measurement Systems, German Rail Infrastructure Owner

“From my point  of view, the biggest challenge will be the standardisation in a railway environment, it is very difficult to introduce the innovation and to find an agreement between different stakeholders in this moment with the technology”

Project Coordinator, Italian Railway Infrastructure Manager

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