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Smart Fleet Maintenance Summit

Improving the Circular Economy of
Rolling Stock Maintenance


16th & 17th November 2021, 

Virtual Event: Watch Live + Content Available On-Demand for 12 weeks

Virtual Conference on Maintenance Planning

Implementing Efficiency Programs To Optimise Maintenance Regimes, Improving Reliability & Reducing Cost In Rail Operations


The Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit is designed to help Heads of Fleet Engineering, Rolling Stock Maintenance, Planning & Supply Chain Managers Implement Digital Transformation to Increase Efficiencies in their Maintenance Regimes, Optimize the Introduction of Innovations including Predictive Maintenance for Fleet Management, Smart Rail Fleet Maintenance Summit, Improve the Use of Data and Information to Support Decision Making and Increase Maintenance Standards to Deliver better Value from Maintenance Activities across multiple Rolling Stock assets, fleet maintenance management events.


Organisational Competency & Optimise Supplier Relationships


To Apply New Technologies & Improve Safety Standards


Qualifying Data &
Real Time Decision Making


Value Throughout
The Whole Fleet Maintenance Process

Confirmed Speakers

Sponsors & Partners

Learning Highlights at this Virtual Fleet Maintenance Conference


Improving the Circular Economy in Rolling Stock Maintenance, Implementing Sustainable Solutions to Reduce Rolling Stock Life Cycle Cost through virtual fleet management conferences.


Benchmarking Successful Applications of Business and Engineering Process Change in Maintenance Regimes and Depots to Extend Maintenance Intervals and Increase Availability of Fleet


Data Management: Accessing Raw Data, Improving Quality of Data, Linking Various Data Sources to Have a Better Understanding of The Real State of an Asset


Smart Maintenance Strategies: Implementing Technology that Fundamentally Works Well in a Rail Operating Environment and Embedding that into Your Organisation


Implementing Strategies to Extend the Life of Components and Materials to Keep Maintenance Cost Low and Increase Availability of Rolling Stock through predictive maintenance for fleet management.


Practical Real-World Execution of Prescriptive Maintenance on High Value Assets: Overcoming the Obstacles and Pain Points to Fully Realize the Predictive Maintenance Approach

Who will attend

predictive maintenance for fleet management


Heads of Fleet Engineering

Directors of Fleet Production

Rolling Stock Maintenance Directors

Rolling Stock Technical Managers

Fleet Planning Managers

Directors of Maintenance Procurement

Sourcing Managers Parts & Materials

Heavy Works Manager (Overhaul)

Depot Managers

Chief Data Scientist

Heads of Maintenance Modernisation

Directors Training & Continuous Improvement

Rolling Stock & Technologies Engineers

SAP EAM Rolling Stock Asset Managers


Train Operating Companies

Infrastructure Owners

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Train Operating Companies (TOCs)

3rd Party Sub-Systems Equipment Manufacturers

Maintenance organisations

Data Management Software Providers

Business Process Improvement Consulting Companies

HR Training Companies

Cyber Security Services

Manufacturers of materials and consumables

Engineering Companies

supply chain virtual conference organizer

Industry Perspectives