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Smart Fleet Maintenance Summit

Improving the Circular Economy of Rolling Stock Maintenance

16th & 17th November 2021, London

Virtual Event: Watch Live + Content Available On-Demand for 12 weeks

"We have implemented technology over the years which hasn't realised its full potential. The technology is not built around the way in which we organise ourselves as a business or the way in which we generally operate. So, do you change the organisation to match the technology that's being provided? Or do you want the technology that aligns with the way in which you operate as a business? How do you get something that's fully embedded fundamentally working well for you? I think that's quite a difficult piece.”

 Head of Asset Condition,
London Regional Metro Operator


“The biggest challenge for the future is to deliver a preventive maintenance strategy in rolling stock operations. That's only possible with pattern recognition, big data and analytics that come from the train. If we're able acquire data over a longer period of time we will be able to optimise our maintenance plan significantly to save costs.  It's very difficult to do this without data and you need to be very brave to take decisions, for example to skip some scheduled replacement of an element without enough data.”

Program Manager New Rolling Stock, National Passenger Operator, Belgium

“People have been talking about predictive maintenance for years. It seems that there are very few successful cases that have been showcased in the industry. I think it would be great to discuss what we have done so far in this area and what are the pain points today, where and how the industry has been able to overcome those pain points to be successful in the predictive maintenance approach.”

Chief RS Asset Development Manager, National Passenger Operator,
Hong Kong

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