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Metis Conferences

The Premium Global Business Network For Rail Infrastructure & Rolling Stock Asset Management Professionals

Designed to Help Rail Infrastructure Owners, Train Operating Companies, ROSCOs, Undertakers,
Manufacturers to Cost Effectively Implement Digital Strategies To Optimise Whole Life Cost
Modelling & Asset Lifecycle Management to Improve Planning for Renewals,
Train Operations and Maintenance Scheduling 

Committed to delivering cutting edge content directly from operators and owners on how
the rail industry is delivering end to end digital implementations related to the asset cycle to reduce cost,
optimize their digital processes, increase transparency and digital safety throughout the supply chain

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Optimising Procurement, Circularity, Maintenance, Energy Consumption & Increasing Asset Life Cycles to Drive Sustainability Growth in Rail


26th -27th September 2023,  London 

Rolling Stock Procurement 360

14 March 2023 - London, UK

Creating Design Processes to Minimise Post-Contract Adjustments, Identifying Flexible Approaches to Ever-Changing IT/OT Standards and Requirements and Strengthening Supplier Collaboration to Meet Sustainability Targets .

Smart Fleet Maintenance Summit
Advancing The Digital Economy in Rolling Stock Maintenance
15-16 March 2023 - London, UK

Improving the Circular Economy of Rolling Stock Maintenance

Implementing Efficiency Programs To Optimise Maintenance Regimes, Improving Reliability & Reducing Cost In Rail Operations.

Digitalization is heralding a new exciting time for the rail industry with new technology developments providing infrastructure owners and operators the opportunity to cost effectively monitor and collect data on the real state of their networks and train operations to drive improvements in real time. The industry is changing phenomenally across the board through advances in digital twin and predictive maintenance technologies which in many cases are a quantum leap forward in respect to the previous generation of technologies. Success in this challenging environment requires business processes to be aligned including operations, procurement, maintenance and information services to customers, all of which need to be overhauled to bring up to speed with new engineering standards, operational goals and evolving customer expectations


As the digital representation of the physical asset is increasingly growing in the rail environment with more and more business processes related to information technology from logistics, supply chain management and condition monitoring applications, infrastructure owner and train operators are implementing digital transformation to improve the total cost of ownership, advance whole life cycle cost modelling and asset lifecycle management in rail operations.

Despite the current economic challenges and the need for rail companies to rebalance their books, Political initiatives, particularly the 2021 European Year of Rail and Green Deal to decarbonise the overall transport industry, will drive a modal shift to rail, benefitting demand and providing increased supplier opportunities. Metis conferences is devoted to supporting and engaging with the global rail community during this transition to a digital railway

Featured Webinars

Rail Infrastructure Asset Management
in the Digital Age Webinar

Building and maintaining rail infrastructure is an increasingly challenging endeavour due to global population growth, environmental impact, stakeholder requirements and activism and limited resources. Investment in infrastructure is likely to grow significantly in the near future. Technology that creates a 'digital thread' across the complete digital asset lifecycle will be a core part of strategies to address infrastructure asset management challenges. This webinar will explore how SAP and partner solutions create the ‘digital thread’, consequently helping customers to transform asset performance, boost productivity, improve safety and capitalise on new opportunities offered by digital technologies

Cyber Security in Legacy Rolling Stock 
Virtual Workshop

Increased awareness of the importance of rail cyber security, and new regulatory pressures, has led the rail industry to incorporate more comprehensive cyber security requirements in new rolling stock and system tenders.  Rolling stock procurements historically did not specify explicit cyber security requirements or, if cyber security requirements were in place, they were at a level that would be deemed insufficient today.  The level of security engineering on legacy rolling stock remains weak, and their cyber risks are often still overlooked or misunderstood.​

Host A Webinar

Exclusive opportunity to host a themed researched webinar or your own bespoke webinar directly to our global rail asset management community as a part of our digital infrastructure and rolling stock Webinar Series. If you feel your company has the experience to help Infrastructure owners and Train Operators to integrate asset management systems into their operations to increase efficiencies, advance whole life cost modelling, predict asset degradation and improve safety, contact us here

Themed Researched Webinars Available
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The Evolution of ETCS   


Implementing Digital Signalling to Increase Capacity and Drive Down Cost in Rail

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Lessons Learned from The Real Impact of Digitalization On The Network


Rolling Stock EAM


Rolling Stock Refurbishment


 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning In Rail Operations

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I like the fact that operators from all over the world join Metis events to share their return of experience"

System Engineer, Engineering Company

Good overview of what's going on in rail maintenance. Principles as well as concrete examples. Seasoned speakers and organisers."

Project Manager, Dutch Operator

It has been a pleasure for me to attend the RIAMS presentations, in particular those on the approaches to turn data into real value."

Middle Management, Spanish Transport Authority

I really enjoyed the practical case studies. And the ability to revisit the presentations on-demand is really handy."

Head of Digital Offerings,  Global Technology Supplier

The content of the presentations and quality of speakers is always excellent."

Program Manager, UK Operator

The engineering presentations are always the most informative."

Senior Manager, Japanese Railway Operator

Delivering Quality

We founded METIS Conferences with one goal in mind: to design and produce creative and unforgettable virtual events that bring you traditional learning experiences and networking benefits, through a digital platform.

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