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Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Rail Infrastructure 
Asset Management Summit

Live on 9th -10th June 2021

Or Available On-Demand


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Smart Motors

About smart motors

Our solution portfolio applies new technologies to generate added value from monitoring different critical assets and improve operation and breakdown management. The company was founded after a three-year academical project to generate useful information about the status and operation of signalling elements with reliability problems.


smart motors® is the strategic partner for those railway operators who believe that Digitalization and the uses of advanced analytics are the path towards service excellence.

The priority is to offer the operator new knowledge about the functioning of their assets, with a real day-to-day contribution, advanced data monitoring and exploitation systems satisfying the requisites of the most demanding environments and incorporating sector know-how from the most experienced actors.


smart motors® wants to become at the top of the companies providing monitoring services and applying big data to facilitate maintenance, planning and management at the railway network. To achieve excellence, our solution design processes are result oriented and lead to the best solutions to streamline resources and improve the quality of the services. Under a process of geographical expansion we have now several new solutions fostered by operators and companies all over the world.

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