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Smart Fleet Maintenance & Procurement 360 Summit

#SFM360 #RSP360
8th & 9th October 2024, London

Navigating the Future of Fleet Performance: Integration, Innovation, and Intelligence in Rolling Stock Asset Management

Future Procurement Strategies, Uniting Digitalization and Automation, Driving Insights from Train Data, Managing Third Party Maintenance Relationships and Delivering End to End Digital Implementations to Enhance Maintenance

Smart Fleet Maintenance & Procurement Summit 360, research driven collaborative platform that embodies the industries drive towards modernization with a sharp focus on harnessing data, enhancing collaboration, and fostering a culture of innovation to enhance operational performance in fleet maintenance. Discussions pivot around the urgent need for digitalization in rail, stressing the importance of data sharing and adopting a unified asset management approach for advancing maintenance strategies.

The summit uncovers the necessity of reliable financing models for procuring future rolling stock, financing optimization of current maintenance facilities, cultural shifts needed to address skill shortages, digitalization and integration challenges and the symbiosis between operators and manufacturers for seamless new fleet introductions and successfully managing third-party maintenance agreements.

Emphasizing the transformative potential of a data-driven approach to improve the success of digital integration projects in rail, focusing on future maintenance strategies to extend component life cycles, executing end to end digital implementations related to maintenance and the strategic use of current data streams in legacy systems to increase operational efficiency, optimize reliability, availability and reduce the cost of ownership of operating rolling stock.

Highlighting real world experiences from UK, Europe & Asia Pacific, this year’s qualitative insights reflect a collective desire within the rail industry to address the several overarching challenges and focal points within the realm of fleet procurement and maintenance.

Featured Speakers

These insights, categorized into key themes, reflect the concerns and interests of industry stakeholders.

Role and Evolution of ROSCOs and Financing Models: The evolving role of Rolling Stock Companies (ROSCOs) in financing new fleets, shift towards more flexible procurement methods.

Supplier-Operator Collaboration: Collaboration between suppliers, operators, and other stakeholders is crucial for the successful implementation of new technologies

Condition Monitoring and Analytics:

Optimising decision-making with predictive analytics to reduce cost and extend asset life cycles 

Operational Performance and Reliability: Operational performance of trains, early in the commissioning phase and throughout their lifecycle 

Awareness, Flexibility, and Innovation: The readiness to innovate and the pace at which the industry can integrate new technologies into existing systems 

Future Enterprise Asset Management Systems:

Emerging trends in asset management systems, focusing on the future capabilities of these systems

Digitalization and Asset Management: The push towards digitalization and the effective use of data for asset management. 

Challenges of Third-Party Maintenance and Supply Chain Issues: The reliance on third-party maintenance providers and the assurance of supply chain delivery. 

Utilising AI, Machine Learning & Digital Twin:

Embracing technological advancements in AI and advanced analytics, to enhance asset management

Sponsors & Partners

If an event has even one useful learning it has paid for itself, SFM21 had a number

Commercial Director, Perpetuum

Good overview of what's going on in rail maintenance. Principles as well as concrete examples. Seasoned speakers and organisers.

Project manager, NS

Excellent content of presentations and quality of speakers

R&D Program Manager, Alstom

Practical case studies. Ability to revisit the presentations in on-line..

Head of Digital Offerings, Siemens Mobility

A very large scope of information, clearly and effectively! The sharing of "big" railway asset owners' experiences is a must: big up to them!

Deputy General Manager, TELT

The engineering presentations are always the most informative."

Senior Manager,  MTR

Past Attendees

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