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Embracing Technological Advancements in AI, Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization to Shape Sustainable and Efficient Rail Asset Management Practices


26th -27th September 2023,  Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf Hotel, London 

Day One  RIAMS Summit

9:00 AM

Developing A Holistic Approach to Big Data in Rail, Harnessing Data and AI for Enhanced Rail Reliability, Decision-Making and Safety in Rail

• What are the common challenges in improving digitalization and data management, exploring gaps in digitization, and addressing challenges in storing and retrieving asset information efficiently.
• Transforming Data into Value, examining the process of turning raw data into actionable insights, informed decisions and the potential of AI and machine learning in analysing big data streams
• Addressing the challenge of establishing shared information flows and improving standards for common data use within rail operations and maintenance

11:00 AM

Optimising Data Transparency in Rail, What Data Do We Have, Availability of Data and Understanding the Limitations of Your Data

• Comprehending the importance of data transparency in rail operations, developing strategies to improve transparency, data quality and identifying alternative available data sources.
• How are owners confronting the challenges of integrating legacy IT systems and improving the accuracy of manually entered data to build reliable algorithms for rail operations.
• Building trust through transparent data practices, defining the limitations of your data and models to build confidence in models used to improved decision making in rail.

12:30 PM

Advancing Rail Safety and Efficiency Through Digitalization, Explore How Digitization is Improving Workforce Safety, Accident Reduction, Error Reduction, Better Fatigue Management Leading to Productivity Increase in Operations

• Examining the multifaceted impact of digitalization on rail safety, showcasing how technology contributes to workforce safety, accident reduction, and error reduction.
• Productivity and performance gains, discover how digitalization strategies can drive productivity increases, streamlining operations while maintaining a focus on safety protocols.
• Explore the integration of digital tools, such as geofencing and data analytics, to effectively manage fatigue among rail workers, optimizing performance and well-being.

2:40 PM

Exploring the Potential and Challenges of Implementing Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence to Improve Reliability and Safety in Rail Asset Management

• Understand the current industry level of incorporating digital twin technology into rail projects, particularly focusing on advanced stations, route planning, and safety measures.
• Predictive analytics for passenger safety, real-world applications, benefits, and challenges of using digital twins for ensuring passenger safety.
• Rail renewals, digital twins in planning rail asset renewals, examine how digital twin technology can aid in decision-making, predictive maintenance, and optimizing the lifecycle of rail assets.

4:00 PM

Enhancing Rail Operations Through Advanced Train Dispatching Strategies: Exploring Next-Gen Dispatching Systems and Innovative Approaches to Optimize Traffic Management, Reduce Costs, And Ensure Sustainable Efficiency

• What new solutions are owners implementing to improve traffic management system to help dispatchers improve the efficiency of railway transport, enhancing rail efficiency with advanced dispatching?
• Introducing new strategies to enhance dispatcher capabilities to manage train operations seamlessly, navigating the challenges of dynamic train scheduling and rerouting.
• How are owners improving capacity utilization and energy management through optimised dispatching, examining practical approaches and successful use cases from infrastructure-provider collaborations?

9:45 AM

Creating Paradigm Shift Towards Data: Viewing Data as A Strategic Asset in Asset Management, What Are the Benefits of Establishing a Data-Centric Culture to Enable Operational Decision Making in Rail Using Available Data

• The role of leadership in championing data-driven decision-making, Cultivating a Data-Driven Mindset in Rail Culture
• Importance of Data Quality, Addressing the mindset of data administrators and the significance of data quality for effective decision-making, what step are owners taking to improve data quality in rail operations.
• Connecting data quality to the effectiveness of AI systems, emphasizing that accurate data entry is essential for AI model reliability and highlighting the impact of inaccurate data on decision-making.

11:30 AM

FIRESIDE CHAT: Empowering Digitalisation in Rail Through Robust Systems Infrastructure, How Do Rail Organisations Set up The Systems Infrastructure to Enable Access to All the Information Required Within a Digital Space

• Establishing the systems infrastructure to facilitate seamless access to essential information in the digital realm, building shared information flows and improving standards for common data use within rail.
• Understanding the challenges in digitising as a railway operator, managing the people, costs and time investments required to transition to a data-driven environment.
• Centralized vs. distributed implementation, comparing the approach of central functions with the challenges faced by individual route organizations in implementing digitalization initiatives.

1:00 PM


1 hour networking break including lunch and refreshments in the main networking and exhibition space of the summit.

3:00 PM

Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization in Rail, Demonstrating the Use Case of Technology, and Innovation in Rail Projects, what are the Potentials Savings in Performance, Maintenance and Renewals Cost?

• Building Complete Models, exploring the ease and challenges of constructing comprehensive models using data-driven approaches, AI, and mathematical optimization to enhance railway operations.
• What is the initial cost associated with AI and Machine learning and what are the expectations on ROI, potentials savings in performance, maintenance, and renewals cost?
• Measuring cost-benefit investing in machine learning or AI, practical approaches to quantify the impact of technology and innovation adoption in rail projects, including AI and machine learning.

4:30 PM

Revolutionizing Traffic Planning with AI: Unleashing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence to Address Complex Mathematical Challenges, Elevate Data Quality Assessment, and Enhance Transparent Data-Driven Decision Making

• Exploring AI's potential to solve complex mathematical problems and improve data quality and enhance decision making transparency in rail operations.
• Enhancing track capacity and availability, how are infrastructure owners harnessing ai in traffic planning systems to solve operational hurdles in boosting track capacity and availability.
• What are the practical applications of AI in traffic management and scheduling in rail operations?

10:30 AM


30 minutes networking break and refreshments in the main networking and exhibition space of the summit.

12:00 PM

Unleashing the Potential of Digital Strategies for Rail Asset Management, Overcoming Challenges to Fully Harness Asset Management Investments

• How are infrastructure owners transitioning from basic digitization to strategic optimization, focusing on effective asset management within the rail industry.
• Cross-Industry Insights, best practices in successful technology implementations in diverse industries, adapting principles to address rail-specific asset management challenges.
• Moving from understanding the basic principles to achieving tangible financial benefits through technology integration, emphasizing successful implementation.

2:00 PM

PANEL DISCUSSION: Collaborative Strategies for Enhanced Digital Asset Management Capabilities, Best Practice Working with Partners, and Suppliers to Optimize Asset Reliability for Small and Large Infrastructure Owners to Reduce Cost in Maintenance

• Discover how collaborative partnerships can revolutionize digital asset management, optimizing data strategies and boosting information capabilities within the constantly evolving data landscape.
• Gain insights into how rail companies are shifting from in-house teams to leveraging specialized external resources, streamlining asset information management while allowing them to focus on core competencies.
• Explore the benefits of internal teams vs dedicated companies for processing sensor data and asset information, enabling efficient decision-making and maintaining data relevance.

3:30 PM


30 minutes networking break and refreshments in the main networking and exhibition space of the summit.

5:15 PM


2 hour drinks reception and canapes in the main networking and exhibition space of the summit.

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