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 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning In Rail Operations

Tuesday 6 December 2022, Virtual Roundtable, Online Event

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Rail Operations

The Value of AI & Machine learning for Obstacle Detection and Monitoring the State of the Infrastructure Network, Managing And Interpreting Big Data In Rail Operations

Learning Highlights 


Using Rail Ai Conference 2022 to analyze operational insights, how do trains move through the network, what's the impact of those trains on the network, what's the cumulative force exerted into the various assets?


Using thresholds to provide insights as opposed to using interpretation of the waveform to improve data interrogation interpretation


How are owners using AI video-based analytics system to identify a wide range of objects from track and signaling assets


How can The Industry work Together To standardize the ultimate layer of optimization for configuration in interfaces, improving the integration of different interfaces in rail?

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