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Rail Infrastructure Asset Management

Rail Infrastructure 
Asset Management Summit

Live on 9th -10th June 2021

Or Available On-Demand


Event Sponsors & Partners


The Oakland Group

Rail Sustainability Summit

The Oakland Group delivers Project-Based Analytics. Helping businesses embark on the journey to get more from their data or helping them to solve particularly challenging analytical problems. Technology agnostic – we specialise in combining the best of new tech with the realities of corporate systems.


Smart Motors

Rail Sustainability Summit

About smart motors

Our solution portfolio applies new technologies to generate added value from monitoring different critical assets and improve operation and breakdown management. The company was founded after a three-year academical project to generate useful information about the status and operation of signalling elements with reliability problems.



Rail Sustainability Summit

Railmonitor's mission is to help our clients make the right decisions at the right time.

We enable track bed and turnout switches to communicate with our software, TrackSoft360, to provide online monitoring and diagnostics of railway assets.

With Railmonitor's solutions infrastructure owners, and rail operators across the globe can:

Increase safety
Improve network availability
Extend asset lifetime
Reduce costs
TrackSoft360 is an intelligent cloud-based condition monitoring system. It continuously monitors and analyzes the condition of the track bed and the switch.

With Machine Learning technology, TrackSoft360 provides data from the asset and conclusions to the office.


EKE Electronics

Rail Sustainability Summit

SmartVision™ by Eke-Electronics monitors the condition of track assets from in-service trains. Defects detected include insulation joint fish-plate damage, switch crossing damage, broken rails, stones on the rail and hunting.


Railway PRO

Rail Sustainability Summit

Railway PRO Communication Platform is the most effective communication tool of the railway business environment, tailored for the specific needs of railway professionals and investors to provide them with the latest business opportunities.

Railway PRO Magazine is the foremost international monthly publication that offers its readers from 140 countries the latest and most valuable news, covering all aspects of the railway industry.

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