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Director of Operations Planning and Maintenance, Ouigo Spain

Sergio has a wealth of experience in high speed trains operations and maintenance across Europe. After graduation in Aeronautics Engineer, Sergio initiated his professional experience in the energy sector as power generation commissioning engineer with General Electric in South East Asia before moving to the railway sector within SNCF Group in France in different technical positions for 10 years.

After a 9 years in Eurostar in London, ultimately as Rolling Stock Director, Sergio moved to Madrid in 2019 to launch the operations of OUIGO Spain, a railway company created by SNCF from scratch to offer a high-speed services in Spain from March 2021.

He is passionate about railways operations and continuously engage with employees, customers, suppliers and partners in the digitalization of the operations that transform how processes, systems, contracts and organization are shaped for higher efficiency and greater customer experience.

Rolling Stock Procurement Conference Mai

Rolling Stock Procurement & New Train Introduction

Live on 10th February 2021

Available On-Demand
Until the 9th March 2021


Event Speakers

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